Rock Band

Rock Band

Ages 8 – 18

​If you are interested in joining one of Premier Music Academy’s rock bands, please give us a call at 
We form all bands by age, skill level and musical interests.
At Premier Music Academy, your child can make better grades by learning how to play with others.

Students learn to play classic and contemporary rock songs. They learn the basic foundations of chords, scales, and rhythms. Band members learn to effectively play together and to actively listen to the other team players. Rock band participation advances students into musicians. Students grow by leaps and bounds when placed in a rock band program. Each band is led by one of the schools highly skilled band directors.

Students learn on state-of-the-art band equipment while playing on a full stage with professional lighting and pro sound gear. Rock band classes is the quintessential addition to your child’s musical journey.
Ages 8-18.
Tuition: $95.00 per month (September through May) for PMA students
Tuition for non PMA student: $115.00 per month (September through May)
Yearly Registration fee: $0.00
Service Fee for each “away” concert: $25.00 per concert; no charge for concerts at PMA
Concerts: Concerts are held throughout the year. Students participate in several live shows.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Play in a Band

Music builds confidence. Every person in a musical group is an essential member of the band. Being part of that is special and exclusive. Playing your part in the band takes confidence and mastering your music in the band and performing builds confidence and that’s HUGE!

​Music takes communication. Playing in a band is like playing a sport when it comes to how essential it is to communicate with your team mates. You’re going to get good at that and that’s an important life skill you will use forever.

Music is a creative form of expression. From songwriting to arranging a cover tune, music challenges kids to imagine and explore new and all possibilities. They are challenged to think and create and explore all in a safe and nurturing and supportive atmosphere with pro musicians guiding them.

Playing music is insanely fun! This is not your boring piano lesson that you begged to quit. This is jamming with your peers and being part of a small group of friends. What could be more fun than that? When you have mastered a song that you thought you would never get – well, that’s just exhilarating! There is no other invigorating experience or feeling in the world than jamming with your friends. You are a team and you are an exclusive member of that team and special. The band can’t play without you and you are needed!

Making music is WORK!! To make music with others demands a work ethic. Musicians can learn alone but there is nothing like the motivation of others to take it to the next level. We say it “gives purpose to the practice”. Students are very motivated to learn their songs and come to band practice. Students want to be at their best for their band mates and don’t want to let down the other band members. So students come prepared to play. In other words: students PRACTICE!!!

Music requires skills. Playing in a band is the best way we know to get kids to deal with the fact that playing an instrument and singing on key isn’t always easy. A band helps each musician define the exact skills they need to be a better musician and gives them a clear goal and motivation for what to practice at home. Students learn better timing; become better listeners; develop into better musicians; and playing music opens their world to all sorts of endless possibilities and appreciation of what their band members are playing. A piano student doesn’t get the opportunity to appreciate a drummer unless he/she is exposed to hearing what intricacies a drummer has to play for the band.

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