Premier Music Academy Calendar

We are a year-round school!
Our enrollment is always open, so call anytime!

2023 – 2024 Schedule and Notes:

Please note that we are open if not indicated below. (Monday students please note that we are unable to close on ALL Monday holidays in order to provide a sufficient number of lessons.) Our tuition does not vary based on the number of lessons in a given month – on months with 3 lessons your tuition will not decrease, and that is balanced by months with 5 lessons in which your tuition will not increase!

The 2023-2024 Year Runs From Tuesday August 29, 2023 – Monday August 26, 2024

Please remember that if you are withdrawing you must notify us by the 15th of the preceding month in order to process your withdrawal.

Important Dates and Holidays:

~ Tuesday August 29 – 2023-2024 Year Begins ~

Tuesday, Nov. 21 – Sunday, Nov. 26
Closed for Thanksgiving

~School Winter Recitals~ TBA

Thursday, Dec. 21 – Wednesday, Jan. 3
Closed for the Winter Holidays

Monday, Jan. 15
Closed for Martin Luther King Day

Monday, March 11 – Sunday, March 17
Closed for Spring Break

Monday, May 27
Closed for Memorial Day

Thursday, July 4
Closed for Independence Day

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