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Premier Music Mailer: August 2019

Our next open mic will be on Thursday, August 22nd at 7PM. Come out and jam with us!

Looking for more ways to play?  Consider joining a rock band to jam out with your friends!

How does one categorize a musician immersed in European Classical traditions from the time of Bach to the 20th Century, but also intensely responsive to the music of New Orleans, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Brazil?

Frank French answers the riddle by synthesizing all these various styles into his own formulation as a pianist and composer. Although it might seem obvious that anyone born to the Rhythm and Blues of the 1950‘s, growing up in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district and studying the Classics at the Conservatory of Music would likely enough emerge with such an artistic makeup, it is not as though there are no other historical parallels or models for this kind of musical life.

Chrishawn Floyd
Piano & Voice

We’re excited to welcome Chrishawn Floyd to our school! A native of Virginia Beach, Ms. Floyd comes to us with over a decade of experience teaching Spanish and Vocal music. In addition to teaching, Ms. Floyd is also an accomplished classical vocalist, specializing in the Spanish Classical Song. She enjoys studying languages, cooking, history, and is a big fan of the New England Patriots!

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